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High-value manufacturer

SOFAVI is the first and largest Sorbitol factory in Vietnam. We are also the third largest Sorbitol exporter, with major export destinations including the US, EU, Japan and South Korea. In addition, it is also an exporter of Sorbitol 70% DS, accounting for 17% of exports in 2017.

Using modern and superior technology

Sorbitol factory is designed, constructed and installed with advanced technologies in the world such as:

Quality control system on line and products by advanced line analyzers are widely used with high accuracy such as HPLC machines from the US.

EU Quality Standard production capacity

GMP EU (Good Manufacturing Practices – European Union) is Good Manufacturing Practice according to European standards. This is a set of principles and standards developed and issued by the European Medicines Agency to control activities or problems occurring at pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. Ensure the stability, safety, effectiveness of the product in each production batch as well as the uniformity of the batches.

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