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Sorbitol Syrup 70%

Sorbitol syrup 70% is produced by hydrogenation reaction of Glucose in the presence of Nickel catalyst under the effect of high temperature and high pressure using equipment technology of the Republic of France and Switzerland with a capacity of 100 tons/ day.
Sorbitol syrup 70% is a viscous, non-crystalline, viscous liquid with a sweet taste.

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Aqueous, non-crystallizing solution prepared by catalytic hydrogenation of a starch hydrolysate, Using French Swiss technology and equipment. Sorbitol is liquid solution, has sweetness, viscosity, non-crystallizing.

Sorbitol 70% has very wide applications in the food and cosmetic industries: Sorbitol is used to moisturize the skin, soften and smooth the skin and used as a stabilizer, so it is used in gels, skin creams and especially toothpaste due to its tooth-friendly nature.

Sorbitol is considered as the most popular food additive today, this is a substance belonging to the group of sweetener additives, which has moisturizing effects, structuring agents, fillers and glosses for products in food processing.

Appearance Clear, colourless syrup.
Taste Sweet
Odour Odourless
Raw Material Made from natural non-GMO Tapioca starch.
Abundant raw materials, available in the plant area.
Raw materials are harvested and produced in the same day, long shelf life
Cassava/tapioca starch make the finished product more glossy and

Nutritional Values per 100g

Nutritional Value 700 kJ/ 168 kcal
Fat 0,0 g
 – of which saturated 0,0 g
Carbohydrate 70,0 g
– of which sugar 0,0 g
– of which polyols 70,0 g
Fibres 0,0 g
Protein 0,0 g
Salt 0,0 g

Standard Packing

  • Drum 275kg.
  • Tank up to 1.5 ton.
  • Flexibag, container upto 25 ton.


Recommended Storage Conditions Protect from environmental influences and strong changes of temperature.
Temperature: > 5°C
Shelf-Life after Production Date IBC/Flexibag: 18 months.
Drum: 24 months.

Actual shelf life is essentially determined by respective storage conditions on customer’s site.
The product colour can change depending on the time and temperature of the storage.



Paste, clear, colorless, sweet taste.

Refractive index at 20°C

1.455 – 1.465

Specific gravity at 25°C

≥ 1.285

Dry substance content

68 – 72%

Water content


pH ( 50% at 20°C)

5 – 7.5

D-Sorbitol content

71.5 – 83.5%/DS

Reducing sugar content

≤ 0.15%

Total Sugars

6 – 10%


≤ 50mg/kg

Nikel content

≤ 01mg/kg


≤ 100mg/kg

Total plate count

≤ 100cfu/g

Yeasts and Moulds

≤ 100cfu/g

Gram negative


The product complies with Vietnam’s current law on Food and Food Additives.
The product is suitable for vegetarian, vegan and kosher diet.
The product is not produced or modified by the application of nanotechnology, is not used GMO raw material.
The product contains no solvents, Water is the only solvent.

  • Sorbitol syrup 70% has been assessed and found to conform with the requirements of TCVN 6466:2008: Food additive – Sorbitol syrup.
  • Certificate of Food safety condition By Vietnam Food administratrion – MOH.
  • Sorbitol syrup 70% has been assessed and found to conform with the requirements from report of Intertek.
  • Sorbitol syrup 70% has been assessed and found to conform with the requirements of TCVN ISO 22000:2018/ISO 22000: 2018 By Quality Assurance and Testing Center 3 – QUACERT.
  • Kosher Certificate.
  • Halal Certificate
  • Non- Crystal @ -27oC, 168hrs by SGS- the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company

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